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Happy 5 birthday Android!


Where were you five years ago today? I don’t know exactly where I was, but I know I had no idea that a phone and operating system that was destined to rule the world were being unveiled by Andy Rubin, then T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman and HTC’s Peter Chou. On September 23, 2008, the HTC G1, and Android, were revealed to the world.

The HTC G1 and the first public versions of Android didn’t exactly take the world by storm, but they did exactly what they needed to do. The G1 introduced the world to Android, before being shoved aside for the original Droid — the phone that really put Android on the map. In hindsight, you might say the G1 was one of the most important computers to be released in the last ten years, but I sure didn’t know it at the time.

At the time, I remember thinking the G1 was a strange device. I was just starting to get really into smartphones, and didn’t know up from down. I thought the G1 looked like a Sidekick, but seemed considerably more boring. It was like a knock off BlackBerry, an executive power phone, and not nearly as impressive as the iPhone. That was of course all before I finally got my hands on one.

To this day, you’ll still hear Android early adopters pining for the days of the G1. I wouldn’t use one now if you paid me (well, OK, maybe I would), but I sure do miss it sometimes. I often dream of an updated G1 with the same body and different internals stuffed inside. Then again, I feel the same way about the myTouch 3G and Nexus One. It’s just nostalgia, but I’m not alone.

Today, we salute the G1, and celebrate the fifth anniversary of Android. To think of how far Android, and smartphone hardware, has come in the last 5 years is nothing short of mind blowing. I’ve shared my short story on how I felt about the first Android phone, now it’s your turn. Do you remember when the G1 was first announced?

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