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Amazon may have one cheap, one expensive smartphone in the works


There have been many rumors about an Amazon smartphone over the last few years, but there may be some concrete information now. The latest info states that there are not one, but two smartphones in development at Amazon. One is said to be cheap, and one is said to be high-end with a 3D interface powered by four front facing cameras.

Very little is known about the cheap smartphone, other than it should be running software similar to that on the Kindle Fire tablets. This probably means it’ll run a phone version of FireOS, which is based on Android. Some reports claim it’ll be released this year, while others say it’s been pushed back numerous times.

The expensive model is a lot more interesting. The display is thankfully not 3D, but it uses four cameras, one in each corner, to create 3D effects in the interface. Similar to the iOS 7 parallax effect for the background, the Amazon smartphone will move elements of the user interface around in relation to your eyes and head moving. It also focuses on one single person, so your neighbors won’t interfere with the effects.

There are also experimental features, like the ability to peek off the side of the device to expose new elements, and maybe even toggles. It sounds really cool but extremely gimmicky; a lot like what Samsung likes to do. There may also be a feature that allows you to take a photo of an item and have it match the item on Amazon for purchase, which could help offset the cost of the device.

Unfortunately, information on these devices is very scarce. But these leaks state that these devices are in development, which is already a big step forward. With the progress Amazon made in the tablet market, it’s exciting to see what they can do with smartphones, probably off-contract ones. So tell us, do you think the 3D interface powered by four cameras is awesome or gimmicky?

Source: TechCrunch

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