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Update: It’s live! BBM for Android officially coming today with a virtual line

11 months ago 159

That’s right, after all this waiting, Blackberry Messenger is officially coming today. Blackberry has announced that this afternoon, they are launching the BBM app on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and the Samsung App Store for all to use. The once incredibly popular chat service is finally going cross platform, and despite the negativity towards BBM, we’re still excited to try it.

There is still a catch to the release. Not everyone will be able to use BBM today, so you’ll have to be quick about downloading the app. As soon as it’s released, install it and enter your email address. You’ll be added to a virtual line of people waiting to use the service. If you signed up previously at, you won’t have to wait. Considering how many people swarmed BBM servers when the app was last leaked, Blackberry wants to slowly ease the entire population onto BBM. This may be smart from a server standpoint, but will it drive people away not having friends using BBM on launch day?

The release is very close, so keep an eye on the Play Store and visit from your mobile device for a direct link to your respective app market. Tell us if you get in line, and we’ll join you there!