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Experiment shows Galaxy S III touch accuracy far better than new iPhones

Touch Accuracy

My father owns an iPhone 5, and every time he has asked me to fix something or install something, I’ve had a bit of trouble with the display. What I touch doesn’t always register accurately, especially on the top of the screen (I can never hit the install button in the App Store). I attributed this to a small screen and me being used to my Galaxy Note devices, but it appears there is a lot more to it.

OptoFidelity performed a few tests on the brand new iPhone 5S and 5C, comparing them to the aging Samsung Galaxy S III. One of the tests was touch accuracy. It used a machine that uses an artificial finger to touch points on the display and compare the coordinates to what the operating system reports, which shows how accurate the touch screen really is. The results are shocking.

The charts for the iPhones are covered in red dots, while the green area is fairly small. In comparison, the Galaxy S III has its display filled with green dots and only the edges are red. Green means that the accuracy is within a milliliter, while red means that the accuracy is off by over a millimeter. And the iPhone touch accuracy is quite a bit off.

Touch Accuracy 2

Touch Accuracy 3

Here, the touch accuracy is displayed on the top row of each device’s built in keyboard. As you can see, it’s quite difficult to press the O and P buttons accurately. In Samsung’s case, all the keys are equally easy to push due to some superb touch accuracy.

However, the iPhone does hold one advantage. The response time of the touch screen is faster than the most popular Android devices, so what you touch happens a tiny bit faster. This is undeniably important, but touch accuracy is arguably far more important. Have you experienced these issues?

Source: GSM Arena

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