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Samsung Galaxy Gear ads reminisce about media’s most popular “smartwatches”

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When it comes to wrist-based smart devices, the entertainment world has always been full of them. From the Power Rangers to Star Trek, we see characters wearing watches that do far more than just conveniently tell you the time. But until recently, we haven’t had any really great smartwatches on the market. We’ve been content with a regular watch on our wrist, or in most cases, no watch at all.

But lately, smartwatches have been coming out left and right. One of the most popular at the moment is the Pebble, which has an e-ink display for battery savings, customizable watch faces, apps and controls for your phone functions and notifications. It’s the future, but the device is limited nonetheless. Many companies are making new smartwatches (allegedly Google and Apple are working very hard), but Samsung has already released the Galaxy Gear. With a full color AMOLED touchscreen, support for the Samsung App Store and a built in camera, it’s a lot more technologically advanced.

To advertise their new smartwatch, Samsung has created two videos celebrating the various multifunction watches in the media. They’re awesome advertisements, bringing up a sense of nostalgia and technological advancement. Whether it’ll convince you to buy a Galaxy Gear for $300 is a different story, though. What do you think of the ads? Leave a comment!

Source: The Verge

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