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Samsung rumored to be considering pulling an Apple, controlling the accessory market

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One thing Apple does that I’m sure we all hate is rule the accessory market with an iron fist. After the update to iOS7, unofficial Lightning cables stopped working properly with iPhones and iPads everywhere. That means the awesome, colorful Lightning cables my father had went in the trash can, necessitating the purchase of more expensive Apple-approved cables. It’s ridiculous and frustrating to no end.

This is one way Apple makes money. It controls accessories, forcing companies to get them approved by Apple and integrate Apple’s own ID chips into cables and other electronics. The price of accessories goes up as selection goes down. However, overall quality skyrockets, so there is a big benefit to this.

According to rumors spreading around Korean media, Samsung may be considering doing the same. It is just a rumor, but it already has me worried. If Samsung starts enforcing approval processes for accessories from other companies, it’ll spell the end of Samsung’s dedication to keeping an open ecosystem with Android. It’ll also be against everything Google envisioned for the operating system. And of course, it would piss a hell of a lot of people off.

However, there would be a huge benefit to this move. That would be the end of exploding battery stories that hurt Samsung’s rep. Whenever you hear one of those stories, it’s usually due to an aftermarket battery exploding. The cases are so few and far between, it seems hardly worth it to change the accessory market, but this kind of poor press does have an effect.

Samsung has been slowly moving away from everything Google, creating its own app store, replacement AOSP apps, and halfway redoing Android into their own operating system. If it were to pull this move off, it would just be another step towards a Samsung world without Android. Honestly, I’m not excited at all. However, this is only rumor for now, so it could all be lies. Please let it all be lies.

Source: SamMobile

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