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Sliding “hamburger” menu rolling out in Google Play


Recently, the Google Play Store has been the subject of several different leaks and rumors, one of the more notable ones being the addition of the sliding “hamburger” menu that Google is so fond of. Tonight, we’re seeing that rumor come to life with a small update to the Play Store. This update does indeed contain the sliding menu and not really anything else.

The update number is 4.4 and unless you’re head over heels about the hamburger menu, there’s not much point in going through the steps to force the update. It’ll be rolling out to everyone on Android 2.2 Froyo and up in the coming weeks so just hold your horses. Of course, the benefit that the update brings is that the Play Store design is now a bit more in-line with many of Google’s other apps and the Holo design in general. We certainly can’t bash that.

Are you a fan of the current Holo app design?

Play Store Update

Via: Android Central

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  1. I really like it and now it’s more consistent with the rest of Google services/apps

  2. AnnDroidGuest 1 year ago

    All I want ifs to have back the ability to sort apps by date installed. I don’t care what it looks like.

  3. hp420Guest 1 year ago

    I just wish they hadn’t done away with the ‘my apps’ button in the top right with this update. IMHO it was much more convenient having it there than having to slide a menu out to get to it. I know it may seem trivial, but a swipe and a click is far less convenient than just a simple click.

  4. srajitGuest 1 year ago

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  5. MattyGuest 1 year ago

    I like the new design standard with this “hamburger” menu. Though I didn’t know it was called this until now. xD It took a bit of time for it to grow on me, like when Play Music updated to it I was shocked and at first the “it’s new and different so I don’t like it” syndrome kicked in, but I love how standardized it’s come to make apps. Can’t wait til Facebook adopts it.

  6. MohitGuest 1 year ago

    I got it today. Happy to see something new in android, again flattered. :)