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Building the perfect Nexus phone: price


Black Friday is definitely the perfect day to finish up our building the perfect Nexus phone series – especially since today we’re talking about price. We’ve gone over all the main specs and features that you might want to see in the perfect Nexus phone, but we all know that having a phone with the best features would most likely come with a premium price.

Originally, Nexus phones were priced the same as any other flagship Android device. But that changed in 2012 when Google started selling its Nexus devices at or below cost. While the Nexus 5 may not be the very best Android phone on the market, we’re sure LG wouldn’t have any issues selling the phone for $250 more than what Google is asking for it. While none of us really want to pay more than we have to for a new phone, I’m sure there are plenty of Nexus fans who would be willing to part with more than $350 for a base level Nexus phone if the device was truly better than any other phone on the market.

How much would you be willing to pay for a Nexus phone which completely blows away the competition?

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