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Building the perfect Nexus phone: processor

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The display of a phone may be the most noticeable piece of hardware. We stare at it for hours on end each day. But, those beautiful pixels mean absolutely nothing if the wrong processor is used to power the phone. Fortunately the major players only use the best chips on the market for their flagship phones, so we can expect the next Nexus phone to do the same.

Right now, Qualcomm and NVIDIA are the only two chip manufacturers who have proven they can deliver great performance and battery life for Android powered phones. Yes, there are other chip makers out there, but none of them have shown they can match what NVIDIA and Qualcomm have to offer. Qualcomm has always been focused on creating the most well-balanced processors, which offer great performance and battery life, while NVIDIA’s approach has been to cater to games by making extraordinary GPU performance on its chips the number one priority.

By the time the next Nexus phone hits the market, Qualcomm and NVIDIA will have a new generation of chip available. We have yet to hear the specifics of what the chips will offer, but we can assume that they will be more energy efficient while delivering a lot more power.

Based on your experience, which chip manufacturer should Google choose to power the perfect Nexus phone?

Note: Samsung’s Exynos has been left out of the poll since Meizu and Lenovo are the only mainstream manufacturers besides Samsung that have used the chip in a select number of devices. 

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