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ART gets closer to being usable, Titanium Backup updated with support for the runtime

Android KitKat Nexus 7

There is no denying that ART is the future of Android. ART is the new runtime included in KitKat builds, replacing the old system that used Just-In-Time compiler. Instead, all apps will be compiled ahead of time, making loading apps a lot faster. But a huge change like this will of course break apps, hence why ART is an experimental feature in the Developer settings.

However, people are still using it. And this means they need their apps working, and developers are already making their apps work properly with ART. Titanium Backup, one of the most important root apps out there, has now been updated with full support for ART. So if anything goes wrong with your phone, you know you’ll have a working backup to fix whatever damage has been caused.

If you’ve never used ART or don’t have a KitKat device that supports it, this update won’t change anything for you. But if you’ve started using ART, go download this Titanium Backup update now and keep a backup handy for the moment things go south. And if you’re using ART right now, tell us how you like it in the comments!

Via: Android Police

Source: Titanium Backup (Play Store)

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