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AT&T’s 4.3 update for Galaxy S4 proving buggy, pulled for meantime


The update many of us were excited for, the 4.3 update for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4, has been pulled from AT&T’s servers and will no longer be available to download. The update was supposed to bring the device in line with the new Galaxy Note 3, with improvements and Galaxy Gear support (one of the main reasons Samsung was trying to push it as quickly as possible). But that rushing might have caused some bugs to go unnoticed.

AT&T has pulled the update without giving an explanation as to why. Some users are reporting bugs, connectivity troubles and an overall bad experience with the new software. This is probably what caused it to be pulled. We’re not sure whether to blame Samsung or AT&T, but with AT&T’s stringent and time consuming testing of updates, we can’t imagine how this would get by them. The testing is the reason we get slow updates, so this shouldn’t ever happen.

Hopefully, AT&T will start pushing a new and fixed build soon. Until then, no update will be available. If you were lucky enough to have the update fail, like me, you’ll at least have some stable software to use in the meantime. Did you manage to download the update?

Source: Android Police

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