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Google Search updated with Google Experience Launcher

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Google Search, which also includes Google Now for all devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and up, has been updated in the Play Store. It’s a pretty major update, bringing the app up to the level of the version that shipped on the Nexus 5.

The update has a few new cards for you. Website updates, news topics, and what to watch cards will now show up when needed. Traffic incidents are also included, powered by Waze. There is a new refresh animation, card dismissals can be undone, and a lot more has been added. However, there is one pretty big detail we have yet to mention.

The new Google Search app has the Nexus 5 Google Experience Launcher built in. This is the launcher with Google Now accessible through a swipe to the left, along with always listening capabilities. You can’t use it after installing the update, but it’s in there. If you want you use it, you’ll have to install the launcher APK. It will work on all devices running Android 4.1 and newer, including tablets!

If you’re interested in giving this a shot, head to the Play Store or hit the widget below to update your Google Search app. And if you want to play with the new launcher, hit the source link for instructions. Tell us what you think!


Source: Android Police

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