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HTC M8 (next year’s HTC One successor) allegedly poses for pictures


The HTC One may be one of the best Android devices currently on the market, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming of what its successor will offer. Before today, all we knew about the HTC One’s successor was its code name, HTC M8, and that it will be the first device to run HTC Sense. That all changed when someone managed to snap a few pictures of the back metal panel of the device and post them to the web.

Based on the three pictures of the HTC M8, the device will feature a very similar design to this year’s HTC One. At first glance, the pictured device could easily be mistaken for a vivid blue HTC One, but there are a few subtle differences:

  1. Small hole on back panel, located above the camera. HTC could be experimenting with 3D camera again (the HTC EVO 3D features 2 camera on the back to capture 3D images), but due to the hole’s location it’s a bit more logical to assume it will be used for a fingerprint scanner.
  2. Metal casing curves around the edges of the HTC M8. HTC boasted about the HTC One’s chamfered edges with┬ázero-gap injection molding, but we know the company has issues manufacturing the complicated chassis. By copying the HTC One X’s unibody design, HTC may be able to save time any money in the construction of the HTC M8.

We’re not expecting HTC to officially announce the HTC M8 until February or March of 2014, so expect a solid four months of HTC M8 rumors, leaks and speculation. Besides the usual bump in specs and a slightly tweaked design, what new features do you want to see included in next year’s HTC One successor?

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Source: Baidu Tieba

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