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Isis Mobile Wallet finally released in the US, doesn’t support rooted phones


Isis has been teased for a long, long time as the first real Google Wallet competitor. Isis, pushed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, is an NFC payment system, where you can pay for items in stores by tapping your Isis enabled phone to a special reader and it automatically pays. This is done through NFC, and unlike with Google Wallet, a special Isis-enabled SIM card. However, the system has had some setbacks.

There were many delays and a long testing period confined to a small area of the United States. We’ve been hearing about this system for ages, and it’s finally released to the public! You can grab your carrier-specific app from the Play Store by hitting the widgets below, if you have a compatible phone that is.

But the app won’t work straight after installing. You’ll have to head to your respective carrier store and pick up an Isis-capable SIM card to get everything working. Then, you’ll enter your payment cards and go off and pay for things the better way!

Isis has a few advantages over Google Wallet, like huge support and rewards systems, but there is one place where it falters. The app does not work on rooted phones. This basically excludes all developers and phone modders from using this new payment system, which is an absolute shame. It’s understandable, since it is technically a security issue, but Google let Wallet users take that risk. I wish Isis did too.

So we have a new mobile payment system available to the masses, to everyone on the nation’s largest three carriers. Will you give it a shot? Or are you mad that you can’t use it due to the limitations on rooted devices? Leave a comment!




Source: Engadget

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