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Moto G becomes even more useful, able to be rooted using any computer

5 months ago 5

The Moto G, a phone that packs some nice specs for only $180, has gotten a whole lot better with this new development. The device is easily able to be rooted, and unlike with many other devices, any computer can be used, whether it’s Windows, OSX, or even Linux. It’s dead easy and super quick, so if you have a Moto G and are feeling the itch to root, this is the perfect way to do it.

Of course, keep in mind that rooting will void your warranty. You’ll also need your bootloader unlocked, which can be done with fastboot but will wipe your device. But if your bootloader is already unlocked, there is no wipe necessary. Just be careful and don’t break anything.

For Windows users, all you have to do is open a .bat file while the device is connected in bootloader mode. Mac and Linux users will have to run some terminal commands, but it’s quite easy. The root method will simply install su and the Superuser app, and you’ll be good to go after it. To get started, hit the source link.

It’s great to see developers focusing on this budget device, because we feel that it will have a big impact on the phone market in the long run. If you’re planning to pick one up, here’s more incentive. Does a rooted Moto G sound good to you?