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Newest photos tease Moto Maker for all, customized Verizon Moto X


One of the biggest selling points of the Moto X is the fantastic customization suite called Moto Maker. Inside, you can build a Moto X anyway you want it, with a choice of front color, rear color, accent color and storage, as well as customize your background, start screen and more. You can also get matching color headphones and other accessories.

But one of the biggest disappointments of the Moto X was that Moto Maker was exclusive to AT&T. The other carriers got a simple choice of black or white. It was a ridiculous decision and pissed a lot of people off.

But according to recent leaks, it won’t be long before Moto Maker will be available to all the big four carriers. Notorious leaker @evleaks posted this photo of the Moto Maker screen populated with all four carriers, a photo that should make Moto X fans very happy.

MotoMaker For All

He also posted a photo of the Verizon Moto X after its Moto Maker customizations, further proving that customers will be getting these customizations soon. Despite all the bad press, the Moto X is a fantastic little device that should be considered when purchasing a phone. Does this make you excited, or do you think the Moto X’s time has passed? Leave a comment!

Moto X Verizon Moto Maker

Source: @evleaks (2)

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