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Motorola adds Active Display to the Play Store, only compatible with new Moto devices running KitKat


Not only is Motorola incredibly quick with software updates for the Moto X, but the company also aims to make the Moto X experience even better through other means. Motorola has already uploaded a few system apps to the Play Store, like the camera app, and next up is Active Display.

Active Display is the system that displays notifications on your lockscreen without you having to actively turn the display on. You can then dismiss notifications or unlock the device straight to the app from Active Display. It’s one of Motorola’s more useful smart functions, and now it can be updated through the Play Store instead of waiting for software updates.

However, this Active Display update is only for KitKat-powered devices, limiting it to the Moto X. Verizon’s DROID lineup can’t install this update until the devices are updated to KitKat. It’s not a big deal, because the first update is a fix for a 1-2 second lag when using Active Display after the KitKat update on the Moto X, so the DROID phones don’t need it.

If you own a Moto X, use the widget below or head to the Play Store to update the Motorola Active Display app. Motorola has been on the ball with updates, so do you think it will contribute to its success?


Source: Android Police

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