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AT&T Galaxy Note 3 bootloader still locked, workaround available

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Carriers may strip us of our money, lock us into contracts and limit how much data we can use, but the worst thing they can do is lock a device’s bootloader. This makes the phone basically theirs; consumers are just using it under the condition that it stays stock. I hate this about some carriers, because I’d like to hack the snot out of my smartphones.

Luckily, developers are quite smart and often manage to get around such locks. The Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II were unlocked quite quickly on Verizon, providing an easy way to flash them. But the bootloader locking extended to AT&T this year, and the Galaxy Note 3 has remained locked down so far.

However, a new method for getting around this lock has been created! It’s called Safestrap Recovery, and it takes the approach of not touching the /system partition. Instead, it can create ROM “slots” in the /sdcard partition, taking up some of your internal storage to create another ROM install. The recovery is based on TWRP and can be installed via an APK once you’re rooted.

Of course, this method is still very young and in beta, so don’t try this unless you’re willing to risk the life of your device. However, this is an exciting prospect and I can’t wait for it to be stable. I am the happy owner of a Note 3, and I can’t wait to get crazy with custom ROMs. Hit the source link to take a look, and tell us what you think!

Source: XDA-Developers, Hashcode’s blog
Via: XDA Portal

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