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HTC infographic explains the work that goes into creating an Android OS update


HTC has done a nice job of keeping its customers in the loop when it comes to Android software updates lately, relaying information on rollout estimates and delays to users on a regular basis. That continues today with a new Android OS update infographic that explains all of the steps that go into creating and pushing out an update.

The diagram details the Android update process for carrier-branded hardware as well as unlocked devices and even Google Play edition units, giving us a nice explanation on how the three typres of products differ. The operator-specific hardware requires the most work of the three because HTC must work with the carriers to determine which apps and tweaks that they want added to their version of a device, then HTC must take extra time to implement those extras. Meanwhile, the unlocked and Google Play edition hardware have update processes that are fairly similar, though the unlocked units do require an extra step in which HTC adds its custom Sense user interface.

This new infographic from HTC is an attractive, easy-to-follow way to better understand all of the effort that goes into making an Android OS update. There may not be a ton of information in it that veterans of the mobile world didn’t already know, but it does serve as a reminder of the amount of work that an update can take and why they may not always roll out as quickly as users would like.

After giving us an overview of what goes into the creation of an Android update, HTC touches on the status of some of the updates that it’s currently working on. The firm says that the Android 4.4 updates for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are all currently in the “Integration” phase of their creation, which is the middle of the process. HTC has previously said that the updates are expected to arrive by the end of January.

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Source: HTC

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