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LG G3 rumored to launch with fingerprint scanner, companion smart watch


The holidays are a time of celebrating, of family, and of rumors sprouting out of nowhere. Yes, it’s the time for the rumors to start flowing. The latest rumors focus on LG instead of Samsung, specifically on the next generation flagship.

The LG G3 is rumored to feature a fingerprint scanner, but not the kind you press your finger onto. Sadly, it’s the kind you have to swipe, much like the HTC One max. It’s an inelegant fingerprint scanning solution and we hope it will be changed before release. The iPhone 5S, while it didn’t make the fingerprint scanner useful, has a great implementation of it. But maybe LG will figure out something innovative to make it actually useful.

Another rumor states that LG will be launching a smart watch with the LG G3, much like the Samsung Galaxy Gear was launched with the Galaxy Note 3. The device may be called the G Arch, but there is no more information on it. We’re just glad to see more companies enter the smart watch market, we need more competition fueling innovation.

All of these rumors are absolutely just rumors, with no official word on these devices so far. However, it’s always fun to speculate. What do you think of the LG G3 featuring a fingerprint scanner? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget, Korea Herald
Via: Droid-Life

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