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Photos show new Nexus 5 unit with tweaked speaker holes, buttons


Remember that time that LG and Google began shipping Nexus 4 units that were slightly redesigned? The tweaks were made months after the Nexus 4 originally began shipping and included small nubs at the bottom of the N4′s back to help raise its speaker off the ground as well as a slightly shrunken camera housing. Fast-forward to today and it looks like LG and Google are making some alterations to the Nexus 5 as well, but this time they’re doing so much closer to the N5′s launch.

Photos posted to xda-developers show a newer Nexus 5 unit stacked on top of an older model, and with both units resting so close to one another, it becomes clear that there are a couple of small differences between the two. The most noticeable change is at the bottom of the Nexus 5, where LG appears to have begun using larger speaker grille holes. Meanwhile, the sides of the newer N5 are said to be home to updated power and volume buttons that are stiffer than the ones found on the older unit.

There’s been no official announcement from LG or Google regarding these Nexus 5 tweaks, so it’s not clear exactly when they began rolling out. I’m sure that there will be some early N5 adopters that’ll be upset about these tweaks, and while the opinion on whether or not they’re big enough changes to warrant getting an exchange will vary from person to person, it is good to see the two companies listening to early user feedback and improving the design of the newest Nexus.

Via: Engadget

Source: xda-developers

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