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Samsung’s newest Galaxy Gear commercial is so bad, it’s almost good

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Part of the reason Samsung is so successful is its massive ad campaigns. Everyone knows what a Galaxy phone is now, all thanks to advertising (and a bit of the drama surrounding the Apple vs. Samsung trial). Samsung’s latest ad is for the Galaxy Gear, and in it the company shows you exactly how to use its smart watch… I think.

The ad depicts a guy named Jack trying to pick up a girl with his Galaxy Gear, using its calling and find my phone features to show off to her. And she tooootally falls for him. Meanwhile, a second guy that remains nameless ends up fumbling with his things and looking simply awkward. All because he didn’t have a Galaxy Gear.

I think the lesson is that conventional smartphones cause you to be awkward and lonely. Buy a Galaxy Gear, kids, and you’ll meet the girl of your dreams. I do have to give Samsung credit, though: The ad is loud, and it has people talking. In the end, it could be considered a win for Samsung.

So, did the video have you cringing the whole way through?

Via: Android Community

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