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New Gmail update brings auto image load to mobile

3 months ago 10

In the ┬ápast, Gmail would ask you if you wanted to see images, and would allow you to automatically show them from specific people. This was done for security, as loading images from other servers was potentially dangerous. However, Gmail behavior has been changed entirely, and you’ll start to see it in the new Gmail update coming out for Android.

This behavior has been present in the desktop version of Gmail for about a month now, and it’s finally coming to mobile, as promised early 2014.

The new version of Gmail for Android is 4.7.2 is here and with it, automatic images in emails. It’s no longer a danger because emails sent to Gmail accounts will now have their photos rehosted on Google’s servers and scanned for malware. This means the images you’re seeing are coming from Google instead of random sources. Of course, if you prefer not seeing images automatically, you still have that option.

If you want to update your Gmail app, hit the widget below or head to the Play Store on your Android device! The rollout might take a while, but surprisingly, I already got the update. Do you like to see images immediately, or would you rather have them hidden by default?

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