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3G and LTE versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 getting KitKat in more regions

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has been pushing updates in a speedy manner recently, especially considering how many modifications must be made to AOSP to create the infamous TouchWiz UI. Because we shouldn’t beat around the bush, TouchWiz is huge and bloated and requires a lot of work. Updates are coming fast, though, and now a few more regions are getting the Galaxy Note 3′s KitKat update.

So which lucky locales are receiving the update? They include India, South Korea and Switzerland. Meanwhile, the manual update is available in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Slovenia, but  the over the air update is not. These updates are hitting both the 3G Exynos and LTE Snapdragon versions of the Note 3.

If you’re in one of these countries and own a Note 3, you can either wait for an OTA update to come to you or you can head to Settings > General > About device > Software update to check for it manually. Another option is to manually update using a computer and a downloaded firmware, though that process is a bit more advanced.

We wonder if this update has the same “feature” that disables third party cases from activating smart features like S View. In some regions, third-party Note 3 cases stopped working after the KitKat update, leaving only official Samsung cases with an ID chip usable. Hopefully Samsung has removed that crappy “feature” in all current and future updates, but we’ll see when reports start coming in. In the mean time, those of us in the U.S. will wait patiently while carriers take forever to approve our updates.

Via: Android Police

Source: SamMobile

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