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Carbon Twitter app hitting its token limit, new users soon to be out of luck


Carbon has gotten to be a very popular Twitter app, and it looks like its popularity will be its downfall. Carbon is just another app that has been stifled by Twitter’s token limit. Once enough users sign into the app, the tokens will run out and new users will no longer be able to sign in. The app will continue working for existing users, but no one will be able to give it a shot anymore.

This is part of Twitter’s not-so-new policies to keep third party apps from growing too large, often despite users wanting the app to grow. A famous app that was shut down was Falcon Pro. It was taken off the Play Store, and while still being updated, has been very quiet recently.

The developer of Carbon says he’s not upset and has expected this day to come, so we shouldn’t be upset either. Carbon had a great run and will continue to be updated as time goes on. There will be no workarounds implemented, so new users will totally be out of luck.

At the moment, he says that there are a few thousand tokens left for users before they run out. If you wanted to try Carbon, now is the best (and possibly only) time to do so. And if you used Carbon and don’t plan on using it any longer, we urge you to release your token through the Twitter website. Let new users have a chance,; don’t hog that token.

Via: Android Central

Source: +M. Saleh Esmaeili

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