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Customize your phone with two leaked HTC M8 wallpapers


The retail launch if the HTC M8 (aka the HTC One 2014) is not expected until late March, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until then to make your current phone look a bit like HTC’s upcoming flagship device. Thanks to @evleaks, we now have two wallpapers from the HTC M8 and the new Sense 6. Will still have no clue what the new build of Sense will look like or what cool new features it will introduce us to, but the size of the new HTC M8 wallpapers (2160 x 1920)┬áleads us to believe that scrollable wallpapers may be making a comeback.

M8_pape M8_pape_2

Download the HTC M8/Sense 6 wallpaper

From your Android device, long press the link, tap Save link from the pop-up menu.

What’s your take on the two HTC M8 wallpapers?

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