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Newest Nokia Normandy leaks show off body design, homescreen UI

Nokia Normandy casing

The whispers of an Android-powered Nokia device have been a constant throughout the last few years, dying out only when the company was purchased by Microsoft. However, it’s all coming back as more and more information about a prototype Android device by Nokia has been leaking out. Called the Nokia Normandy, this device was to run a highly customized build of Android.

Nokia Normandy UI

Today, we get a peek at better shots of the interface along with a photo of the body of the device. The interface looks to closely resemble Windows Phone, with tiles arranged just like what Windows Phone features. However, there is support for folders from the looks of it. And with BBM on the screen, this might be a somewhat recent screenshot. There is also a list-based UI shown off, maybe an alternate UI option?

The body of the device is very much like other Lumia devices, which just means it looks nice, feels sturdy and is colorful. I’m definitely a fan of Nokia’s hardware design, though the software could use some work… or a flash of AOSP.

Now that you’ve seen how the Nokia Normandy would have been like in more detail, does it make you want the device more? The photo of the body made me a little sad, because like many people, I’ve always wanted an Android device with Nokia’s hardware design. Unfortunately, nothing Android-based will come from Nokia anytime soon. What we’re just seeing is old info, a reminder of what could have been. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Via: XDA Developers
Source: @evleaks, @vizileaks

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