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Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature fingerprint reader–NOT iris scanner

6 months ago 17

It looks like the world isn’t quite ready for an iris scanner in a smartphone. According to reports, Samsung has dropped the rumored iris scanner from its future Galaxy S5 flagship, opting instead for a fingerprint reader. This is probably for the best–we don’t want another half-finished feature from Samsung.

Apparently the iris scanner is too thick to use in the next flagship. It’s a new technology, so setbacks are expected. Luckily, Samsung seems to be smart enough to move away from this feature rather than try to shoehorn it in. Instead, the company will include a fingerprint reader. And in a very interesting way.

The fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5 will supposedly be inside the display itself, instead of a separate part of the body like most implementations. That’s actually pretty brilliant, if it’s done well. It’ll be both useful and intuitive. We can’t wait to see if this rumor pans out, because this would be only the second time a fingerprint scanner has been put in a decent spot. What do you think of a fingerprint scanner in the display itself? Leave a comment!