Jan 31 AT 12:06 PM Sean Riley 7 Comments

Tim Tebow is finally in a Super Bowl (commercial for T-Mobile)


Who better to pitch life without a contract than Tim Tebow? I have to give T-Mobile credit, because this is an excellent pairing and the Super Bowl is certainly the perfect time to roll it out.

The ad is centered around all of the adventures Tebow gets to embark on as a result of not being tied to one of those silly and insanely lucrative NFL contracts. I won’t spoil the commercial for you, but suffice to say he’s had a busy year.

While the ad extols the virtues of being contract-free, T-Mobile stays out of the way until the very end when it interjects with the simple message that if you switch to T-Mobile, they’ll buy you out of your contract.

Watch the ad below and then let us know what you think. Is this going to be one of the commercials that people are still talking about on Monday?

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