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HTC sort of confirms new One device via jabs at Samsung

2 months ago 15

Samsung and HTC are like sibling rivals in the mobile world, constantly throwing out jabs at one another. With the launch of the Galaxy S 5 today, HTC immediately took the opportunity to begin the assault on Samsung through social media. Unfortunately, they didn’t really think their first tweet through very well, and it ended up like this:


The problem? The Galaxy S 5 doesn’t go on sale until April, which means that buyer’s remorse is impossible on March 25. Ah well, at least they went back and corrected it with their next tweet:


What we’re really excited about is the fact that, in a roundabout way, HTC confirmed that a new One device will be coming on March 25, confirming our already strong suspicions. Adding to that, HTC’s Chairwoman Cher Wang today referenced the One as “the best phone” and said that on the 25th, the “best will be getting better.” If that doesn’t confirm it, we don’t know what does.

Are you excited for the new HTC One?