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KitKat kernel source for the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 released, update coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It looks like Sprint is on a roll, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the carrier’s second Samsung device to have its KitKat source code released. Samsung released the Android 4.4 source code for the Sprint Galaxy S4 last week, making Sprint the first U.S. operator to get it. The full update started rolling out soon after. Even now, Sprint’s is the only US Galaxy S4 model to get the update.

Now it looks like the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 may soon follow. Samsung has released the source code for the Note 3′s KitKat update, which is available for download right now. As history has shown us, that means that the update should begin rolling out to users within the next few days. This is exciting because it shows a non-GSM carrier pushing out updates faster than its GSM counterparts.

I can’t wait to get the KitKat update on my AT&T Galaxy Note 3, but it looks like Sprint customers will get it before I do. Are you one of these Sprint users? Leave a comment and tell us when you start getting the update!

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung Open Source

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