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Koush teases full Android mirroring over Chromecast on Google+

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is a wonderful device that we’ve recommended numerous times. It was a great value when it launched last year for $35, and since then it’s only gotten better as more apps support its streaming feature. And since the SDK was recently opened to developers, we’ve seen a ton of new apps come out with streaming functionality.

Yes, the little $35 stick can do a lot. One feature that the Chromecast is still missing, though, is the ability to mirror the screen of our Android device. However, if a certain meme posted by a certain developer is right, we may soon be able to!

Developer Koushik Dutta, best known as Koush, posted a meme to his Google+ page teasing Android mirroring via the Chromecast. This means that whatever is on your display, including on-screen buttons, will be shown on your TV. The feature would be useful for playing games on the big screen, but outside of that,  I can’t see many more uses. Would you use a Chromecast mirroring feature?


Via: Pocket Now

Source: +Koushik Dutta

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