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Leaked HTC M8 screenshot includes set of on-screen buttons


We were recently treated to an alleged photo of the HTC M8 hardware that showed off the backside of the upcoming flagship, complete with a pair of camera. Today another M8 image has leaked, but this time around the topic of conversation is software.

A screenshot from the HTC M8 has been shared by @evleaks, showing how HTC’s BlinkFeed will look on the device. BlinkFeed itself doesn’t look terribly different from the version that’s currently running on devices like the HTC One and One max, though the bright green color behind the images and weather does look pretty spiffy. We can also see a transparent status bar and dock, and at the bottom of the display is a set of on-screen buttons that look similar to the ones that leaked out last weekend.

Obviously it’s tough to really get a feel for the M8′s version of Sense based off of this one BlinkFeed screenshot, but so far I’d say that this version of HTC’s custom overlay is looking pretty nice. HTC appears to have made a few small tweaks, including adding a transparent status bar and dock like the one found in straight-up KitKat, that so far add up to a nicely refined version of Sense. The good news is that with the HTC M8 reportedly slated for a late March debut, it may not be long before the rest of this updated version of Sense is shown off to the world.

Source: @evleaks

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