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LG talks G Pro 2 camera, says 13-megapixel sensor and OIS Plus tech included


Device manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their products stand out in the sea of smartphones that is the wireless market. One of the more popular features to focus on in recent years has been screen size, with companies using increasingly large screens on their handsets to get them some attention. Now that we’ve seen 6-inch and larger handsets hit the market, though, phone makers are turning to other features to make their hardware unique. Cameras have become an area of interest for many firms, including Sony and HTC, and now it looks like LG sees the smartphone shooter as a way to help its next flagship phone stand out.

LG tonight shared some details on the camera that will come equipped on the G Pro 2. The device’s rear camera will be of the 13-megapixel variety and will feature “OIS Plus” technology, which LG explains describes as step up from the regular ol’ OIS found on the G2 that can use shake correction to ensure that a user’s photos turn out blur-free. OIS Plus is also said to be capable of churning out crisp photos when used in a dark environment.

In addition to its OIS Plus tech, LG says that the G Pro 2′s rear shooter will feature support for capturing both slow motion and Ultra HD (3840×2160) video. Meanwhile, the G Pro 2′s front-facing shooter will be of the 2.1-megapixel variety and is said to offer improved performance over its predecessor.

The LG G Pro 2 is slated to make its official debut sometime this month. Details on the device’s specs are light, save for this newly-revealed camera info, but it seems likely that the G Pro 2 will at least feature a phablet-sized 1080p display and a quad-core processor. Now we just have to wait for LG’s announcement of the G Pro 2 so that we can learn when we’ll be able to snag a unit of our own and put that OIS Plus tech to the test.

Source: LG

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