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Nokia’s Android-powered Normandy to be unveiled this month?

Nokia Normandy casing

We thought the Nokia Normandy was a remnant of the past. A device built before the Microsoft takeover, we assumed it was cancelled and locked in a dark warehouse. We thought the Android-powered device would never see the light of day. But if this newest rumor ends up being true, we were very wrong. The latest rumor states that Nokia will be unveiling its Android based Normandy smartphone later this month!

The Nokia Normandy, rumored to be called the Nokia X at launch, will be running a forked and heavily modified version of Android. Think what Amazon did with the Kindle, but with even more modification. According to an earlier leak, the software will resemble Windows Phone instead of traditional Android. It is also said that there will be Microsoft services integrated into the software and a special app store containing apps ported over from Android. No Google Play here. And in terms of hardware, we may be looking at a low-end device with 4GB of storage and half a gigabyte of RAM.

This device is said to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress, where Nokia has scheduled a press event. At MWC, there will be little focus on Windows Phone, and the Normandy will be the star of the show. But while a Nokia device running Android was many of our dream, I expected something more high-end. Are you disappointed that this will be a budget device? Or are you excited to see the direction Nokia is going? Leave a comment!

Via: The Verge

Source: Wall Street Journal

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