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‘Premium’ Galaxy S5 rumors just won’t die, bring up the rumored Project F

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Before the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement, there were several rumors that claimed that Samsung was prepping two new devices: one would be a standard Galaxy S5 with a 1080p display and the other would be a more premium model with a WQHD display and better specs. Some reports even claimed that the premium unit would have a metal body. However, the official launch at Samsung Unpacked dashed all hope of a premium Galaxy S5. Or did it?

The rumors surrounding this mysterious high-end Samsung device just won’t die. Usually I’d think that it’s all wishful thinking, but the mention of the Galaxy F line has me interested. The latest rumors about this device say that it won’t just be another Galaxy S5 – which would have made no sense in the first place – but that it will be the long-rumored Galaxy F. We’ve heard about this handset quite a bit as a luxury model in the Galaxy lineup.

The latest rumors claim that the premium Galaxy S5 will feature a WQHD display at 2560×1440, a new Exynos processor, metal body and optical image stabilization for its camera (oh my). It’ll reportedly be a limited, higher-end model released for spec lovers like us. It sounds plausible (our own Dustin thought that Samsung would pull something like during yesterday’s podcast) and exciting. The device might debut as soon as as two months from now. Are you excited about the possibility of a premium Galaxy S5 or is this all just a broken dream manifested as a rumor?

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Source: Phone Arena, ETNews, Twitter

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