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Samsung drops price of Galaxy Gear by $120 in India, might cut price globally

6 months ago 13

The two biggest issues with the Samsung Galaxy Gear are compatibility and price. The smartwatch only officially supports a few Galaxy devices, which is unfortunate for everyone that doesn’t one of those select products, and its $300 price tag is double the cost of a Pebble. Of course, the Gear is more advanced than the Pebble in every way, but it’s still hard to justify such a premium price for an accessory.

Luckily, it looks like Samsung intends to address at least one of those issues. The price of the Galaxy Gear has been dropped by $120 in India to $235. That cut is nearly a third of its original $355 price, which is a pretty significant discount. That’s not the best news, though, because Samsung may be planning to do the same in the US.

If the US Galaxy Gear sale is anything like the one in India, we may see an $80-$90 price drop. Lowering the price that much could convince quite a few people to purchase this smartwatch. And with the Galaxy Gear 2 rumored to be coming sometime within the next few months, now would be an especially good time to lower the price of the original Gear.

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch and the Pebble Steel is looking a bit too expensive, you can wait for a price drop on the Galaxy Gear! And if you want a Galaxy Gear now, Amazon is selling it for $250, $50 off its normal price. Would a 30 percent price cut get you to buy a Gear? Leave a comment!