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SIM unlocking may soon be legal again thanks to bill passed by House of Representatives


Last year, it was made illegal to unlock your device for use on other carriers unless you got permission from your operator to do so. Unfortunately, this meant that you were no longer allowerd to unlock your device before your 2-year contract is up. This was a terrible change for consumers, only benefitting the carriers that want to make sure that your phone is useless on other carriers until they’re obsolete. But that might all change very soon.

Yesterday a bill passed through the House of Representatives that would allow SIM unlocking to be legal again. The bill passed with a vote of 295 to 114, which is fantastic news for consumers. However, this bill won’t repeal everything about SIM unlocking that was previously made illegal. The companies that buy devices, unlock them and then resell them may still be banned, though that is ┬ástill up for debate.

It’s good to see that someone has common sense and is fighting for the rights of the consumer. Have you needed to unlock your device recently but have been unable to? Or have you found workarounds? Leave a comment telling us your experiences!

Via: Droid-Life

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