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Addictive game Threes! lands on Play Store for $1.99 with no IAPs


Threes! is a puzzle game that has been available for iOS for quite some time, and today it has finally come to Android! The game tasks you with combining 1s and 2s as well as any other matching number. So a 1 can only be combined with 2, and other numbers like 3 and 6 can only be combined with the same number. It’s surprisingly challenging and fun, but still very easy to grasp. For a better explanation, watch the trailer below.

I’ve been playing an Android ripoff of the game called Fives. I’ve thought that as long as there is no Android version of Threes!, someone could rip it off, so long as it was free. I didn’t like Fives has in-app purchases that made money off of someone else’s idea, but it was a decent alternative with a good visual style. If you’ve downloaded Fives, you should delete it now, because the real deal is here.

Hit the widget below to download Threes! onto your Android device. It costs $1.99, but there are no in-app purchases, so that price gets you the full experience. Some have reported that the app may not work with ART, so that may be something to keep that in mind. Once you download Threes!, be sure to tell us what you think of it!


Via: Droid-Life

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