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Apple considering releasing an iTunes app for Android


With Android having surpassed iOS as the biggest mobile platform, many companies are releasing apps for both Android and iOS. Of course, Apple apps have always been exclusive to iOS, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Apple has tried to keep its ecosystem exclusive, and that’s understandable. But with iTunes profits dropping and services like Spotify and Google Play Music seeing increased profits, Apple may be getting a little desperate.

According to some reports, this desperation has led Apple to consider releasing an iTunes app for Android. While that doesn’t seem very desperate at all, it would be a huge move for Apple. Such a decision would make iTunes available to many more people and potentially boost profits for Apple, though many of us would probably be happy to stick with Google Play Music or Spotify.

Apple may also unveil an on-demand streaming service. This option has proven very popular with different services, so I can see why Apple may want to give it a shot. What do you think of the possibility of an iTunes app for Android? Would you jump on it or stay as far away from it as possible? Leave a comment!

Source: Billboard

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