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ASUS controller goes through Bluetooth SIG, now where’s the game console?


You can say what you want about the Android game console market, but there is one thing it isn’t: successful. The OUYA is probably the most popular of the bunch thanks to its huge Kickstarter campaign, but as far as we can tell, its post-launch success has been very small. Mad Catz gave it a shot with the M.O.J.O. (I hate writing that name), and a few other companies have had Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns for various Android-based gaming consoles.

ASUS controller

Now it looks like we might see ASUS inexplicably join this market soon as well. A Bluetooth controller has passed through Bluetooth SIG, hinting at a gaming console that’s been rumored before. The description states that it is for an “Android system for gaming markets” and that it contains a 430mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 12 hours of gameplay. I like that it comes with a rechargeable battery out of the box, unlike the Xbox One controller. ASUS, you’re doing something right.

However, I can’t imagine this console gaining traction with consumers considering how unsuccessful all of the others have been. Every time ASUS releases a cool product in a doomed market, it fails. Just look at Google TV boxes. ASUS makes some great hardware, but the Android gaming console market is just not strong one. Let’s hope ASUS has something awesome up its sleeve. Would you give an ASUS gaming console a try or have you given up on the Android console market? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: Bluetooth SIG

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