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Latest Chrome Beta for Android features experimental Chromecast support

Google Chromecast

For quite a while, the Chromecast was a very limited device. Not many apps supported it, so it was not as easy of a buy as it is now. Still, for only $35 it was a fantastic buy and not overly limited considering what you were paying. But ever since the Chromecast SDK opened up to the public, we’ve been seeing new apps adding support constantly.

Surprisingly, the latest app to add Chromecast support is a Google app. Chrome Beta for Android has gained support for the little streaming device in the 34th version, though it’s in an experimental state and needs to be enabled using flags. This feature allows HTML5 videos to be streamed to the Chromecast using the browser itself, so sites like Vimeo and more are now technically able to be streamed.

Unfortunately, this feature does seem to be a bit buggy at the moment. This is expected, as it’s not only in Chrome Beta, but hidden in the flags menu. Still, you should give it a shot! Update the app using the widget below, head to chrome://flags in the browser, and search for “Enable experimental Chromecast support.” Enable that and you should see the icon to stream to Chromecast in videos. Tell us how you like this feature!


Via: Droid-Life

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