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Samsung announces the Galaxy Beam 2, resurrecting the built in pico projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

The pico projector has returned! When Samsung released the original Galaxy Beam, I thought that the built-in pico projector was really cool. However, the device wasn’t really talked about much afterwards. I thought Samsung had given up on the technology, but with the release of the Galaxy Beam 2 today, we’re seeing another attempt!

The Galaxy Beam 2 retains the low-end status of its predecessor, sporting a 4.66-inch WVGA display, 1.2GHz quad core processor and a 2600mAh battery. But to offset that, though, you get a freakin’ built-in projector. And in classic Samsung fashion, there are software features that take advantage of the projector, including a clever flashlight.

Sadly, the Galaxy Beam 2 is only being released in China at this time, and it’s doubtful that it’ll expand to many other countries since not many people will buy a device with a WVGA display. Still, it’s awesome that Samsung hasn’t given up on its pico projector tech. Despite releasing so many devices into the market, Samsung still makes some unique products.

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Source: Samsung

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