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Samsung claims next Galaxy Note will have new form factor

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note line is my favorite line of smartphones, with top-of-the-line hardware and a huge display. Not only did Samsung manage to start an entirely new subset of smartphones, the company also innovated with the active stylus and managed to keep the device reasonably compact. I enjoy using the Note 3 every day. But we may soon see a whole different type of Note smartphone.

According to Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, the next Galaxy Note to be released later this year will feature a “new form factor.” No other details were given. While we don’t know what will be done next, whether it’s a flexible display in a curved device or an entirely new style of device, I can say I’m really excited.

The Galaxy Note series has been almost the same for the last three years, so a big change is definitely welcome. Hopefully Samsung will still offer a standard Note this year, so those who don’t like the change can still enjoy their large flagship. What do you think of Samsung changing up the Note? Leave a comment!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Reuters

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