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Samsung Galaxy S 5 gets drop tested, holds up remarkably well

6 months ago 29

Many people knock Samsung for making its phones out of plastic, but there’s something to be said for their durability. A new drop test from TechSmartt pits the Galaxy S5 against the Galaxy S 4 and shows both phones holding up surprisingly well. However, the Galaxy S5 really takes the cake, surviving four drops and being run over by an SUV.

After being dropped from waist height and head height, both phones held up well, suffering only some scuffs and scratches on their sides. On a drop from around 8 feet up, the Galaxy S 4′s camera glass cracked but was otherwise fine. After a drop of about 10 feet, the S 4 suffered some screen cracking, but the S 5 continued to hold up. As an added bonus, the S 5 got the special treatment of being run over by two wheels of an SUV. Incredibly, the only damage that it suffered was some cracked camera glass. We really have to give props to Samsung for designing these phones to be so durable.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know your thoughts.