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Samsung puts Galaxy S5 wireless charging covers up for pre-order

6 months ago 13

The Galaxy S5 may not be out yet, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from getting right to work on preparing accessories to be sold alongside it. If you’re into wireless charging, then today’s your lucky day, as Samsung just put the wireless charging covers for the Galaxy S5 up for pre-order. The wireless charging covers only come in black and white, but on the bright side, there are two models to choose from.

For $29.99, you can get a simple wireless charging backplate that will replace the existing backplate on your Galaxy S5. This really looks no different than the standard backplate, but you suddenly have wireless charging. For a heftier $69.99, you can purchase a wireless charging S View flip case. This case features Samsung’s faux leather styling and adds a bit more function and protection than the other wireless charging cover. Simply follow the links below to get to any of the cases, as well as the wireless charging pad, which uses the Qi standard, so any Qi charger should work with these covers.

Are you planning to purchase any of these cases to complement your Galaxy S5?

Black wireless charging cover

White wireless charging cover

Black wireless charging S View flip case

White wireless charging S View flip case

Wireless charging pad