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Samsung releases list of 10 “hidden” features on the Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 White

Sure, these aren’t “hidden” features. But they aren’t well known, even for a Samsung fan like me. Samsung has released a list of 10 features of the new Galaxy S5 you may not have heard about, and it’s surprisingly interesting. There’s some good stuff in there that looks legitimately useful and wasn’t shown off at the launch event.

Some of my favorite features on this list are the call features. While in a call, the display will show you the last few interactions you had with the caller, in case you forgot what their last text message said. Also, when getting a call in a different app, you’ll get a cool popup with answer and reject buttons, and a small box will stay on the screen indicating the call duration.

There are also some cool new camera features, modes and other neat stuff strewn throughout the OS. And unlike many of Samsung features, these actually look fairly useful for the most part. Check out the list in full by hitting the source link and tell us what you think of these features in the comments!

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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