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Samsung rumored to be working on Gear Solo, a smartwatch with a SIM slot

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Smartwatches are all the rage these days, including the Pebble on its high pedestal and Samsung’s Gear series, which haven’t exactly been selling well. Google has even entered the smartwatch market with its Android Wear SDK. But because of their lack of connectivity, smartwatches really aren’t that smart unless they’re paired with a smartphone. Is this a problem that needs to be solved?

Samsung sure thinks so. According to reports, Samsung is set to release a new Gear smartwatch with its own SIM slot. Rumored to be called the Gear Solo, this smartwatch will feature full calling functionality (and possibly mobile data). This would allow you to make calls from your watch without the need for a phone. Of course, you’ll also need to pay for another line.

This rumor makes me wonder what the point of having a SIM-enabled smartwatch is. Do you really want to ditch your phone entirely and make calls exclusively from your wrist? I don’t. I think that this device probably won’t make it outside of South Korea. If it does, would you get one? Leave a comment!

Via: SamMobile

Source: Korea Herald

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