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Ubuntu for Android project no longer in development

3 months ago 11

Ubuntu for Android was a great concept, and it was hard to believe it was possible. When using the device, you’d run Android. Once docked, you would experience the full Ubuntu OS on your mobile device. All it would take was a dock, display, keyboard and mouse. However, the project has been cancelled.

Hopes were never high for this project in the first place, but it’s still sad to see it gone. It was cancelled due to lack of support from OEMs, though Canonical says that the project might be revived if an OEM expresses interest in it and offers support. But for now, Ubuntu for Android is no more.

With Canonical making its own OS for mobile devices based on Linux, Ubuntu for Android seemed somewhat redundant. Development on the mobile OS does continue, so Canonical has not given up on mobile entirely. Are you saddened by this news, or did you expect this to happen at some point?