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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime allegedly caught on camera


Rumors of a premium “Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime” device with a super high-res display have been swirling for quite some time, but so far we’ve yet to see any concrete evidence of the device’s existence. That might’ve finally changed today, though, as some photos and video that purportedly show the S5 Prime have made their way online.

First up, we’ve got some photos that were shared by PhoneArena. The image shows a device with a front that looks fairly similar to the Galaxy S5 that we all know, with rounded corners and an oval home button. After flipping the phone over, though, we see an aluminum backside rather than the plastic rear plate that’s found on the GS5.


The second leak that’s surfaced today is a hands-on video with an alleged pre-production version of the Galaxy S5 Prime or Active. The unit is said to be have metal on its sides and back and is slightly thicker than a regular GS5. The display is purportedly 2560×1440 resolution and is described as being more clean and crisp than the GS5’s 1080p display.

While this premium Galaxy S5 is still very much unconfirmed at this point, today’s leaks seem to add credence to the previous rumors. It’s possible that Samsung, which is known for its displays, knows that LG is prepping the G3 with a QHD display and wants to get a device of its own out with a matching resolution. There’s also a chance that Samsung could’ve wanted to put a super high-res display in the regular GS5 but was unable to for one reason or another.

What do you think of the premium Galaxy S5 shown in these leaks? Will you check this device out if it turns out to be the real deal?

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Sources: PhoneArena, TK Tech News (YouTube)

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